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Why we convene

At AL Group, we believe that leadership cannot be taught, but it can be learned. This means we cannot force someone to lead. All we can do is create the necessary environment for leaders to emerge on their volition. We do however believe that 3 ‘ingredients’ when brought together, can drastically improve the probability of leaders emerging. These 3 ingredients are: 


Leadership Potential:

Leaders must have traits like imagination, passion, resilience, courage, intellect and good values.



Leadership is not a theoretical subject one can learn in a classroom. Instead, leaders learn best by trying, failing and reflecting time and time again.



Leadership skills alone are not enough. Without surrounding a leader with a network of peers, mentors, advisors, funders, investors, collaborators, door-openers etc. that potential leader cannot scale their impact.

The Network

While the “Network” aspect of our leadership development “formula” is at play year-round at all our leadership ‘factories’, ALN is a big burst of that network, in one place, for a few days. ALN therefore supports our mission by connecting the leaders we’re developing to each other and to powerful networks. It fills our ecosystem with ideas, partnerships and capital. ALN serves as a unique platform for catalyzing social capital, fortifying trusting relationships and celebrating our collective progress in unleashing Africa’s leadership potential.

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