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ALU is named #1 Most Innovative Company in Africa

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

African Leadership University’s growing influence and consistent emphasis on innovation and leadership attracted some unexpected attention. Earlier this year, Fast Company named ALU the most innovative company in Africa and the 39th most innovative company in the world for 2019!

Think about that.

A university in Africa focused on leadership — with no rigorous testing, an unconventional emphasis on group learning, and an almost singular focus on leadership development — is the most innovative company in Africa.

Without a doubt, ALU’s innovation is a testament to not only ALU’s vision but also to our gamble. ALU bet on Africa’s youth. Fred believed — and convinced the world to believe — that with just a little support, African youth could transform the world and create solutions where others see problems.

That gamble paid off. Innovative solutions abound at ALU and now the world is watching.

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