ALN is made up of 1,400 leaders from over 40 countries. 60% are CEOs and business leaders, while 40% are leaders in government, civil society, and academia

African Leadership Network (ALN) is the premier, invitation-only community of the most dynamic and influential leaders in Africa. ALN creates and strengthens relationships between these leaders to encourage intra-African trade, investment, and collaboration. ALN is made up of over 1,400 leaders from 78 countries. 60% are CEOs and business leaders, while 40% are leaders in government, civil society, and academia.

ALN was co-founded in 2010 by Acha Leke (Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company) and Fred Swaniker (Founder, African Leadership Group), who were inspired to launch ALN after attending gatherings like the World Economic Forum (Davos), TED, the Aspen Institute, and the Clinton Global Initiative. Acha and Fred recognized that Africa was usually on the periphery in these powerful global networks. Seeing this, they identified a need to create a pan-African network that would place Africa’s emerging leaders front and center, not on the sidelines—and ALN was born.

ALN has an executive leadership team consisting of the two co-founders and CEO. ALN is governed by a Board of Trustees, which meets multiple times a year, provides hands-on leadership, and holds fiduciary responsibility for the organization. ALN also has a Global Advisory Board, whose members are responsible for providing advice, developing strategic relationships, and building ALN’s profile globally.

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